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GR-M3 Albums

Some comments:

Worship Cover_1000x1000.jpg
GR-M3 - Kauderwelsch (Album, November 2022).jpg

Release Date 2023-03-24

God and me:
Song: "Save Ukraine"
"It's great, the lyrics are great, the rhythm and melody of this song is great, the artist's voice is lovely, the arrangement and production of this song is great, the cover art of this work is great."

Release Date 2022-11-19

Wonderland of music:
Song: "Kauderwelsch"
"Hello, dear friend, your music gives the listener an amazing amount of positive energy. I admire you for creating this work. The rhymes are amazingly catchy. I can connect deeply with your music.."

Slow Motion

Release Date 2022-04-29

Rock Al Palo:
Song: "Kauderwelsch"
"The sound combination is attractive and interesting, with good variations and a perfect balance, congratulations for this!"

Progress Nonstop
Release Date 2021-09-03

UK Independent:
Song: "Zero Time"
"A great rock tune meets Miku Hatsune it really is a clash of worlds this one. It shouldn't work but it really does, It's a decent tune with some nice classic rock sensibilities and a great guitar solo."

Miku Epic 3
Release Date 2021-05-30

Song: "Zero Time"
".... "ZERO TIME", is a great song, its musical structure I consider it perfect, intro, interlude and ending are finely calculated in a clear musical context, its simple, but well harmonized tonalities, go creating a fresh atmosphere that stimulates the thought in a calm, pleasant way with its fantastic instrumental harmony; I loved that. GR-M3, Miku, the natural and worked vocals sound perfect, there are in them great elements of interpretative quality that go through beautiful melodic tones and that own subtlety to transmit the message of an unbeatable lyric. Music and voices create melodies of a cheerful, motivating, movie atmosphere. Their quality should be shown wherever possible: internet, music platforms, radio, live and get interviews to talk about their proposal, it would be great to promote the theme. In summary, I consider "ZERO TIME" a great proposal that will be well received by the fans and that will win the favorable comments and acknowledgements of the specialized critics. ...."

Release Date 2020-11-07

Release Date 2020-08-07

Aliens Unfinished
Release Date 2020-03-20

SLE Music Radio:
Song: "Mars & Moon"
"Great futuristic rock twist tune, love the voices as well. There's something crazily enjoyable about your music and most definitely creative and that should be celebrated :)"

Carousel Of Dreams
Release Date 2019-11-08

Free Indie Culture:
Song: "Mars & Moon"
"mars and moon is a psychedelic trip full of colours that brings to the stars and to the moon"

Album: "Miku Epic 3"
"Very nice work. It had me smiling all the way through -- monumental and light on its feet at the same time, a good trick!"

Miku Epic 2
Release Date 2019-06-25

Release Date 2019-03-06

Dream Machine
Release Date 2018-10-05

Miku Epic
Release Date 2018-06-01

Electric Car
Release Date 2018-03-27

Release Date 2017-12-09

Miku In Space
Release Date 2017-10-06

Cover Arts by Stefan Ambs

Even More Chilling
Release Date 2017-08-26

Chilling Miku
Release Date 2017-06-23




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