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GR-M3 MINI-Albums


Release Date 2024-03-05

CR Indie

If you have not heard the musical project "GR-M3" you have missed a very attractive and avant-garde proposal, it basically focuses on creating alternative music songs with synthesizers and various elements combined with Vocaloid, giving rise to unconventional compositions but yes. very interesting and well executed. "Gamer" is a very upbeat song that seeks to portray how much we love playing video games. With a contagious beat and very pleasant melodies we are immersed in an atmosphere full of rhythms and sensations that evoke a game of our beloved games. We really like the artistic freedom with which the composer works and how he knows how to convey the theme in his songs. GR-M3 productions continue to fascinate us, we find them attractive and very special.


Release Date 2024-03-05


Release Date 2024-01-05

happy nightmares_500x500.jpg

Happy Nightmares
Release Date 2023-12-01

i am alien_cover_500x500.jpg

I Am Alien
Release Date 2023-11-07

Science Fiction_500x500.jpg

Science Fiction
Release Date 2023-10-27


Release Date 2023-10-20

Coupon 21_500x500.jpg

Coupon 21
Release Date 2023-09-01

Ron Murx
GR-M3 is here to redefine the boundaries of music with their track "Whistleblower." This genre-blending masterpiece seamlessly weaves together electronic, jazz, and pop elements, offering a sonic experience that's both captivating and unique.

1. Genre Fusion at Its Finest: "Whistleblower" showcases GR-M3's exceptional ability to blend genres. The track effortlessly combines electronic beats, jazzy instrumentals, and catchy pop melodies. This fusion creates an innovative and refreshing sound that's hard to find elsewhere.

2. Catchy Pop Appeal: Despite its genre diversity, "Whistleblower" doesn't compromise on catchy hooks and melodies. The pop elements in the track ensure that it's instantly accessible and memorable. It's a tune that'll have you humming along in no time.

3. Complex Musicality: GR-M3's intricate musical arrangements demonstrate their commitment to craftsmanship. The track features layers of instrumentation and electronic elements that create depth and intrigue, making it a delight for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

4. Versatility in Sound: "Whistleblower" has a chameleon-like quality that makes it suitable for various moods and occasions. Whether you're looking for music to dance to, relax with, or contemplate, this track fits the bill, making it a versatile addition to my playlist.

5. Captivating and Unpredictable: The song's ever-evolving nature keeps listeners engaged throughout. It's not a track that rests on its laurels; instead, it continuously surprises and delights with unexpected twists and turns.

6. Share the Innovation: By adding "Whistleblower" to my playlist and sharing it with my community and followers, thus introducing them to an innovative and boundary-pushing musical experience. It's a track that sparks curiosity and conversation, making it an excellent choice for music enthusiasts.

GR-M3's "Whistleblower" is a genre-defying masterpiece that combines electronic, jazz, and pop elements with finesse. Its catchy pop appeal, complex musicality, and versatility in sound make it a standout track. By including this unique sonic journey in my playlist and sharing it with my community, thus sharing the joy of musical innovation. "Whistleblower" is not just a song; it's a sonic adventure that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

Makes Me Smile_500x500.jpg

Song: "Pinch of Salt"
"Pinch of salt", is an enchanting piece of music that masterfully fuses elements of electronic music with subtle touches of jazz and a beautiful, melodious vocal that has been electronically distorted with style. The characteristic experimental feel of the sound is fascinating, combining repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies, mainly following a very personal style of harmony, created with minimalistic and inventive electronic-like instrumentation. The simple lyrics sung softly with distortion, intensify the melodious tone of his wonderful vocal sound, which generates an enveloping and dreamlike atmosphere. The jazz elements are notably incorporated and subtly add texture and rhythm to the song. On "GR-M3" I find that the vocal stands out with its sensitivity and when fused with electronic elements and touches of jazz, it creates a very pleasant and touching atmosphere. This fusion of nuanced vocals with jazz effects and electronic instrumentation creates a sense of balance between the experimental, the modern and the classic. In conclusion I think "Pinch of Salt" is a captivating piece of music, a great track, which with the remarkable combination of diverse musical elements, make it a bold and captivating artistic choice.

Makes Me Smile
Release Date 2023-08-04


Bossa Miku
Mini Action

Release Date 2023-07-07

Rap|R&B zone
Song: "My Goodness"
This song is really a high quality work! All its details have been carefully designed to bring an exceptional experience to the listeners. The vocals in this song are set perfectly. Each layer of sound is precisely and carefully placed in the mix to establish a perfect harmony with the rest of the music. The vocal sounds amazing and conveys all the emotions and dimensions of the song in the right way. A lot of efforts are evident in the mixing of this song and it shows that a lot of attention and sensitivity has been paid in its sound structure. All these factors are combined to make this song a work of unparalleled quality, which is an exceptional experience to enjoy. I highly recommend this work because of its high quality and the excellent harmony of the vocals and the rest of the music.

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